Friday 14 December 2012

Bilgola Beach Rock Pool

“Hark, now hear the sailors cry / smell the sea, and feel the sky / let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic.” -Van Morrison

14-12-2012, 12.30pm - this time Cousteu went AWOL and Obi-Wan and Ghandi were left with the very difficult task of appraising one of their local haunts. Armed with local knowledge we can tell you that Bilgola Beach is a secluded area which is only affected by residential traffic. It is a beautiful spot and on this day, like so many others, it reminded the splosh a little of Positano, Italy as we gazed up from the rock pool to the houses nestled in the cliffs above. The Pool and its surrounding environment work to serve each other architecturally, which establishes an overall aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and which sets a specific tone for the area.

On this day the water was 21c and the outside temperature a balmy 26c. The water was crystal and the pool in well maintained condition with some weed from the high tide. There is a seating area running alongside the pool, however most of the congregating occurs at the only cafe/kiosk that serves the beach. The little enclave has a beautifully manicured SLSC, which has open air showers and more recently the change facilities have been refurbished to a standard that quite frankly Obi-Wan and Ghandi would like to reside in (without their off spring preferably). The change rooms are found in a timber and sandstone building, which again blends into the environment.

Transport access to the beach is by car only where there is ticketed parking. The nearest bus service stops at either Newport or Avalon situated high on the hill, north and south of Bilgola it would be a slow camel ride from there! The limited access probably accounts for the fact that most of the week this rock pool is frequented by locals and would attribute to the very relaxed, friendly atmosphere generally. Disabled access.

Splosh Rating ****

Link for Bilgola Beach virtual tour.

The swish new amenities block.

Obi-Wan ordering coffee from Sants

Cafe proprietor, Anthony preparing for xmas at the beach.

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